About the Zoonies

About us

Hello! We are The Zoonies! Great fun to meet you! We are five close alien friends and we grew up together on our home planet called Zoon which is many moons away and where we lived a very peaceful and happy life.

That was until one day, our planet was invaded by bully aliens from the planet next door, and so we were forced to take to our Space Ships to find another planet to call home.

After a long and perilous journey through space, we approached your planet called Earth, but due to our Space Ship running out of solar power, we crash landed on your beautiful planet.

Now unable to mend our Space Ship, we had no other choice but to call Earth our new home.
We must say- it is a VERY strange place!

Both you and other humans look very unusual to us zoonies, as you only have two ears - when we have four!

It seems that you humans do the opposite of what we would normally do every day on our home planet, and so we now have a lot to learn by you and your strange ways.

However, we are very fast learners!

Remember – Always look up at the sky – As you may be very lucky to see us flying by!